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Familiarize Yourself With Air Conditioner Repair In Midlothian TX

If you have a central heating and cooling unit in your home you will need to have it regularly maintained and cleaned. You can do a majority of the work yourself on a quarterly basis but then call a technician out at least annually to inspect for bigger issues. The sealed parts of the unit are best left to the professionals and most likely are the only way to keep the warranty intact. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of the unit will help you determine what you can do yourself and what parts you should call out for air conditioner repair Midlothian TX.

The heating, ventilation and cooling system in your house, or otherwise known as the HVAC unit, can be thought of in three different segments. The segments are divided into the exterior unit, the interior unit and then there are the lines that connect the interior and exterior, respectively known as the condensing unit, the furnace assembly and the refrigeration lines. The centrally located thermostat turns the system on and off and maintains a regular setting adjusted by the user.

Within the furnace you have the heat exchanger and the evaporator coils. The condensing unit has a compressor that condenses refrigerant gases. The refrigeration lines bring liquid refrigerant to the furnace and then cycles out the vaporized fluid back out through the condenser. On your next annual inspection have the professional from air conditioner repair Midlothian TX walk through the parts of the system with you.

Easy maintenance of the entire HVAC includes changing the air filters routinely monthly. In this instance there is no need to buy expensive filters. The less expensive filters are efficient because they do not require the HVAC to work harder at filtering the air. By changing the filters monthly means that mold and dust have a harder time in building up in the lines that you do not have easy access to.

Annually a professional working with air conditioner repair service in Midlothian TX will maintain the unit so that major repair or inoperative units can be avoided. The services performed include cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, inspect fan bearings and belts, inspect air intake area, fix leaks in ducts, clean and adjust dampers and cleaning the air ducts.

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