Facts About Dental Implants in Nassau County NY Jan06


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Facts About Dental Implants in Nassau County NY

After remarkable developments in dentistry in the last few years, dental implants in Nassau County NY have become the treatment of choice and the most recommended solution for people who miss one, several or all of their teeth or for people who have a terminal dentition due to damaged teeth or serious gum disease (periodontal). Dental implants play the role of normal teeth and have a very high success and survival rate, the highest in dentistry.

Dental implants in Nassau County NY are small (between 6 and 15mm) titanium rods coated with biocompatible materials, which has the ability to bind naturally to the existing bone (the phenomenon of osseointegration). The implants are placed in the jaw, and after a few months of healing, usually two to four, dentists can replace the roots of the natural teeth and support a single tooth, partial denture or complete prosthesis. There are several different “brands” of dental implants distributed by so many different companies. It would be wrong to think that they are all of the same quality and above all, that the kind of implant does not matter. However, it would be a bad idea to list the “good” and “bad implants” in this article. Just remember that the lifetime of an implant should be decades, and it is important that an implant company lasts as long as the implants it distributes. Experts believe that by working with the largest dental implant companies in the world, each patient is assured of the accessibility of these components.

In 1952, the Swedish Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark leads an experimental study where he uses a titanium implant to better understand the blood flow to the jaw bone. At the end of this experiment, he discovers that there has been a complete integration of the implant with the bone. Branemark will call this discovery “osseointegration”. Modern implantology was invented in 1965 when Braumlnemark treated his first patient, Goumlsta Larson. After more than 50 years of research and study, implants have developed greatly and are now experiencing a very high success rate of 96%. The first modern implants that were placed are still in their patient’s mouth today. More than 2 million implants are placed every year, making them the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth.

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