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Facts About The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

The DMDC may be something you’ve never heard of, but it’s an entity that affects many of the military personnel who serve our great country. The DMDC stands for the Defense Manpower Data Center. The DMDC works under the Office of the Secretary of Defense and collects all data for the Department of Defense. This includes military personnel information, financial records, manpower and training. The DMDC also tracks all health records of active military members’ families.

Learn More About The DMDC

  • The DMDC was established in 1974.
  • It was originally called the Manpower Research and Data Analysis Center (MARDAC) and part of the Navy.
  • It was formally named the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) in 1976.
  • The DMDC was later transferred to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) because it needed administrative support.
  • In 1991 the DMDC was dubbed Defense Support Activity and supported by the DLA.
  • Though the organization has taken on many names over the years, the goal has always been to track and support all military data for the Department of Defense.
  • The DMDC was established on the heels of the Vietnam War. This was a tumultuous time in the U.S. military’s history because military personnel numbers were dwindling substantially. The DMDC was established to keep order of who was leaving the military and who was joining. Throughout the years, this became a more thorough database for military members.

The website for the DMDC can also be used to verify if someone is in the military. While this only tracks people who are currently serving, it can be of use to people who are looking to track someone down and have the person’s information. For finding someone on the DMDC website, you need the first and last name, as well as social security number. This can be difficult for most to obtain, which is why the site is primarily reserved for family members who are looking to find someone who they think may be serving in the military.

For those who are looking to find out if someone is verified as active military, the DMDC website may not prove to be the best or easiest resource to work with. If you do not have the person’s social security number you will not be able to search for someone on the site. There are paid services that search and verify active military with only a name.

To find someone in the military with only their name. This is the go-to site for those searching for friends or loved ones with limited information.

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