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Factors into Your Automotive Insurance Plan in Chicago

Whether you’re shopping for an automotive insurance plan in Chicago or elsewhere, you’re likely keeping two main elements in mind: rates and coverage. Unfortunately, these two elements often seem to be mutually exclusive. Many drivers have found what seems to be the perfect coverage plan only to realize the rates are much higher than they can afford. On the other, there may be situations where the rates are perfect for your budget but the coverage is severely lacking. Can you ever get the best of both worlds? If so, how? This article seeks to answer these important questions by showing you exactly what insurance companies take into account.

Type of Automobile

Let’s face it, in the event of an accident, a brand new Lamborghini is going to be much more expensive to repair than a Honda Civic. The average insurance company deals with hundreds, if not thousands, of clients on a daily basis, and they want to save money where they can. If your car is a high-end model, you can expect to pay more than if you drive a used or older car.

Individual Background

Are you single or married? Do you have children? How old are you? These factors, among several others like gender, can greatly affect the cost of your automotive insurance plan in Chicago. Married drivers, for instance, tend to receive lower rates than single people. Drivers over the age of 25 are also prone to lower rates. Teenage boys are considered the most at-risk drivers on the road, which may not bode well for price-conscious parents.

Driving History

This may sound like common sense, but the better a driver you are, the less you’ll have to pay on your automotive insurance plan in Chicago. Drivers with numerous accidents in their history, especially if these accidents have occurred within a short amount of time, are considered a greater liability and will automatically receive higher rates on their plan. As long as you stay safe on the road, you can rest assured your rates will be lower than most.

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