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Facilities That Offer Sleep Diagnostics in Laguna Hills, CA Can Help with All Types of Sleep Disorders

If you feel tired during the day even though you feel as though you got enough sleep, you may have some type of sleep disorder, including sleep apnea. A lot of people don’t realize that problems such as sleep apnea don’t just affect how tired you feel, but they can also affect your health. Facilities that provide top-notch sleep diagnostics in Laguna Hills, CA can determine the exact problem and then recommend what you can do about it.

Sleep Apnea Is More Serious Than You Think

Sleep apnea means that you stop breathing at different times during the night, but you won’t realize this is happening because most people won’t wake up completely when it occurs. Nevertheless, if you have sleep problems and do nothing, it can affect your overall health. Finding a facility that offers sleep diagnostics in Laguna Hills, CA is a good first start because they will test you as you sleep and get all of the specifics so they can determine how to help you, which often means prescribing a CPAP machine.

Don’t Panic Just Yet

One of the symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring, so if you keep your partner awake at night with your snoring, it might be time to find a clinic that offers sleep diagnostics in Laguna Hills, CA. It is not a painful test because all you do is sleep, but the test can tell the techs and doctors a lot about your sleep patterns so they can devise a treatment plan to help you.

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