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Extruded Aluminum Shapes – Industry Applications and Benefits

Numerous industries can benefit from the wide variety of extruded aluminum shapes available for various applications. Some of the industries that use the shapes on a consistent basis include mining and construction. A precision metals company that supplies aluminum can help customers benefit from a wide variety of aluminum extruded shapes and precision parts to meet their specific project and application needs.

Some of the industries that can specifically benefit from use of aluminum shapes in addition to those mentioned above include automobile, electronics, and military. In particular, the auto industry uses aluminum extrusions on an extensive basis. Aluminum is very efficient conductor of heat. As such, it can be used for heating and cooling systems and radiators in vehicles.

It is possible to use these extruded shapes as components for a variety of applications, including boat car, and Chuck chassis, as well as engine blocks. Other uses include the heating and cooling devices of computers and electronics applications.

The Extrusion Process
Multiple components can be created within the extrusion process through the transformation of aluminum alloy. The process takes place as aluminum alloyed talents are heated and softened. When they are soft, they can be forced through a hydraulic press or ram and then through steel dies that form the required shape. The extruded aluminum shapes that result from the billet that travels through the die.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusions
No special treatment of the metals required in order to prevent corrosion. In addition, aluminum is naturally resistant to wear and tear as a result of aluminum oxide bonded to its surface, creating protection against the outside elements.

Aluminum can resist the forces that occur when a building moves or sways. It can also absorb impact in an efficient manner and maintain its strength. As a nonmagnetic material, aluminum is a safe material to use when magnetic fields or sensory magnetic devices are present.

A dependable aluminum supplier can provide the extruded aluminum shapes you need according to the exact specifications your application requires. In addition, a company that provides precision sawing services can help ensure your shapes and parts are implemented into your project with the necessary precision.

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