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Exploring The Basics of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HVAC

All homeowners have some kind of HVAC system running inside of their home. Their HVAC system could be a heating and a cooling system, it could be just a heating system, or it could be just a cooling system. The fact that you have an HVAC system means you need to be aware of Pittsburgh, PA HVAC companies in case your HVAC system was to develop a problem.

Residential HVAC services are very different from commercial HVAC services. This is largely due to the fact that they operate very differently. You have to think about the amount of space a commercial HVAC system has to heat in comparison to the amount of space that a residential HVAC system has to heat. This is why some HVAC contractors specialize in residential systems and some in commercial. There are even some contractors who specialize in industrial HVAC systems. Pittsburgh, PA HVAC systems in residential structures are a lot smaller than commercial or industrial. They require a technician who knows and understands how to keep a residential structure warm or cool.

As soon as a person’s heat or air conditioner stops working, it is not uncommon for them to rush to their phone and call an HVAC contractor such as the ones at Sullivan Super Service Pittsburgh, PA. However, there are some things you can check and do on your own in order to make sure you have a problem that merits a professional. The last thing you want to do is find out that the problem was something that you could have fixed on your own. The worse part of that is that even if the problem was a simple fix, you still have to pay a few hundred dollars for the contractor.

Problems with an HVAC system could be as simple as flipping a switch on a breaker. If your HVAC system and other appliances are hooked to the same breaker it is not uncommon for you to blow a fuse. When that happens you would just need to flip the switch to fix the problem. You also want to make sure the HVAC system is on, the thermostat has working batteries, and the air filter is clear. These are all small things that would be embarrassing and frustrating to have an expert find for you.

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