Explaining Child Custody Law In Frederick

In Maryland, parents seek custody during divorces and when the custodial parent is a risk to the child. The laws permit a noncustodial parent to present a case against their former spouse at any time. The most appropriate setting for the child is the determining factor in the proceedings. A local attorney can explain Child Custody Law in Frederick to parents.

Risks to the Child

Parents must report any risk to the child immediately. The risks could include abuse, neglect, or an addiction that prevent a parent from providing adequate care for the child. Typically, all allegations against a parent are reported to child protective services and/or law enforcement.

Investigating Allegations Related to the Children

After allegations are reported, a caseworker is assigned to the child. All children who are presumed at risk are examined by a medical doctor and interviewed by a child psychologist. The offending parent is investigated immediately. Any signs of the alleged risk in the home provide the right for law enforcement to remove the child from the parent’s custody. All evidence secured by caseworkers or law enforcement is used in the custody case.

Sole Custody Assignments

Sole custody assignments are achieved when a parent is a risk to the child. In the assignments, one parent retains all rights to the child. The custodial parent makes all decisions for the child including what doctor provides care, their school, and their religious affiliation. The assignments may limit visitation with the noncustodial parent.

Joint Custody Assignments

Joint custody assignments are available as well. Each parent has the legal right to make decisions about the child. The parents share time with the child and provide the same level of care. Each parent must be informed of any emergencies related to their child.

In Maryland, parents petition the court for child custody when their child is at risk or when they file for a divorce. Child custody laws require parents to fulfill their responsibilities of their child. Custody arrangements define where the child lives and who makes decisions. Parents who want to start a petition under Child Custody Law in Frederick can visit Russellandheffner.com for more information now.

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