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Expert Tips for Conquering Closet Chaos

Conquer the chaos in your closet. These expert tips and advice should help you out.


If it’s been years since you went through your clothes, then a purge is long overdue. Decide which items you want to keep and let go of the rest. If you have separates you haven’t worn for more than five years to a decade, then it’s about time you let them go.

Use an organizer

There are several hanging closet organizer options you can go for, including rotating closets. That’s going to help you designate sections for each of your clothes, making it easier for you to organize your wardrobe.

Put in baskets

Being creative with how you use those sections will also help you maximize every inch of newly-available space that your hanging closet organizer offers. By using baskets, you can put in your clutches, purses, and bags to keep them from getting lost. You’ll end up with neat and tidy sections, the Real Simple says.

Install shoe pockets

Another hack you can use to increase storage in your rotating closet is to use shoe pockets in one area. That way, you won’t even need to have them designed with smaller compartments. You can reuse bigger compartments with ease. Those shoe pockets can come in handy for your bags, belts, scarves, socks and other accessories or closet items as well.

Get clear boxes

If you ever use boxes for storage, go with clear ones. This way, it’s easy to tell where your items are at a single glance.

Put hooks in your hangers

It can be tricky to keep belts from getting messy since they tend to get tangled up. Put hooks in a hanger and use that to organize your belt collection. That’s going to solve your problem with minimum stress and fuss.

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