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Experienced and Effective Stroudsburg Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

Pursuant to a proper petition with notice, child support is typically ordered by a court after the parents of a child are no longer living together. As opposed to the interests of the parents, courts in Pennsylvania are required to focus on the best interests of the child before any rights or remedies of either of the parents might be adjudicated. Visit us to speak with a Child Support Law Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA with your child support questions and issues.

Who Pays?

Typically, the parent who is not living with the child and the other person pays

child support to the other parent. A court’s order might provide for this weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Use of Child Support Payments

The parent who is receiving child support payments has broad discretion on how that money might be used. Although primarily intended for necessities, there are generally no issues in using part of a child support payment to take a child to the movies, an amusement park or an activity like a camping trip.

Non-Payment of a Child Support Obligation

If a person who is required to pay child support in Pennsylvania fails to pay court ordered child support, he or she can be held in contempt of court and even jailed. If there has been no payment of the obligation for a long period of time, the non-payment issue can turn into a criminal prosecution.

If you are owed a substantial sum of child support, visit us. Arrange for a consultation with a child support law attorney residents trust at the Law Offices of Megan Reaser and William Reaser at your earliest convenience. You can call 500-421-0000, or fill out our easy contact form at …………..

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