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Experience Drug and Alcohol Trauma Responsive Treatment

If you know that you have a drug-or-alcohol problem and want to get it corrected, a trauma-responsive treatment near Minneapolis may be the right answer for you. Unlike programs that teach participants generalized triggers that cause drug use or excessive drinking, these programs work with each individual to identify critical triggers in that person’s life and help them figure out ways to overcome them without using drugs or alcohol.

The Key Components
A trauma-responsive-treatment program recognizes three key components. The first is to create an environment where the person feels safe psychologically and physically. A person’s background and experiences are considered in developing a treatment plan.

The second key component is skill acquisition. Participants are taught how to set meaningful goals and work towards those goals. This allows a program participant to feel empowered. The staff serves as resources that the individual can learn from because they have walked through learning new skills themselves.

The final component is engagement. Participants will learn how to build healthy relationships that are not harmful to others and improve the quality of their own lives. Individuals are also encouraged to create routines that they can rely on. These routines can help people get through rough patches by creating expectations of what they should do next.

The Result
The result of trauma-responsive treatment near Minneapolis is that individuals are better prepared to deal with their current reality while having the skills and support to feel empowered to move their lives in a positive direction.

If you are ready to experience the difference, contact River Ridge.

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