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What To Expect During A New Heating Installation In Pittsburg KS

An HVAC system is designed to keep a home at a pre-determined temperature no matter what mother nature may throw its way, and one of the best ways to ensure a heating system doesn’t utilize more energy than necessary is to replace an outdated unit with new, energy star rated equipment. The idea of a new Heating Installation in Pittsburg KS may be overwhelming, but an understanding of the process will ensure that a homeowner is ready when the technicians arrive.

Old Equipment Removal

The first step is to remove any old equipment that may be in place. A technician will disconnect any existing devices and remove any wiring that shows visible signs of wear and tear and will inspect the ventilation lines on gas-powered units to determine if they are safe for use. Once the old equipment is out of the way, the technician will create any needed ground stands to elevate the units off the ground if required.

Wiring and Exterior Unit Installation

The next phase involves the installation of the wiring needed to operate the system as well as the placement of the external unit in heat pump furnaces. Most HVAC companies will hire an electrician to run any required wiring according to local building codes. After the wiring work is completed, they will then connect power to the exterior unit and check the voltage levels to make sure that they are adequate for the power requirements of the compressor.

Air Handling and Furnace Installation

The final step of new Heating Installation in Pittsburg KS is to install the air handling unit, which is responsible for sending air throughout the ductwork located inside a home. Once correctly installed the technician will then test the system to make sure it is operating as intended. Some localities require an examination by a building inspector before the furnace may be utilized.

Installing a new HVAC system may seem overwhelming, but a professional contractor will make it a seamless transition. The team at Electrical provides commercial and residential installations and offers 24/7 emergency repair services. Visit to learn more and see how affordable staying warm all winter long should be.

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