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Event Staffing in Las Vegas

One of the quickly growing industries in job creation is event staffing. Event staffing Las Vegas is a very commonplace part-time job that many models use to make extra income. Events can be on any subject and for any purpose, such as poker tournaments, private parties, exhibitions, meetings, company and corporate shows, trade shows or any other event that the public, or selected guests are welcome at. Large events often need publicity staff, security staff, parking and crowd management staff and guest services staff.

Las Vegas is one of the gambling capitals of the world and is host to many a poker tournament each year. During these tournaments, where large sums of money are kept under secure lock and key, it is important that the staff are well trained and professional. Among other staff at such huge public events are marketing experts, brand ambassadors, trade show models, product specialists and bi-lingual specialists. Poker tournaments attract players from all around the world and it is vital that those who don’t speak English have access to a translator. This is where a part time, temporary event staffing company could help. If you are organizing an event, such as a golfing event, poker tournament, exhibition or Expo you would likely need various types of event staff for the duration of the event. You may need set-up staff to help build sets or stands. You may need security staff to manage the incomers, you may need trade show models to act as brand ambassadors and publicize your stand, product or service, or you may need promotional staff. Whatever you need you can usually get them all from one company they specializes in event staffing.

How to Staff your Event

In Las Vegas you can find such companies in the local listings and give them a call. You should have a list of questions to ask that are connected to the type of event you are organizing. For instance, if you have never used an event staffing company before, you might want to know the history of their temporary workers. If you are hiring security staff, for example, it is prudent to know that they are fully background checked and bonded, when required. You should also ask if the company offers a multitude of trained staff to help coordinated various aspects of your event or if they only provide certain types of staff for certain aspects. Because of the varied nature of the different types of events you will find in Las Vegas, there will be different needs according to each individual event type. Don’t forget to ask about pricing too. Companies will usually charge by the hour and pay their people accordingly, so shop around for a good deal.

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