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Estate Planning Law in Nassau County, NY Helps Young People Plan for the Unknown

Far too many people die without an estate plan. In many of these cases, the decedent is young and doesn’t think they need an estate plan. However, anyone who has children or owns any assets should have a plan in place just in case they get involved in an accident that results in their death. Additionally, young people who want to donate their organs or who don’t want to be on life support should consider consulting an attorney who focuses on Estate Planning Law Nassau County NY uses to protect residents.

Wills and Trusts

These documents are used to distribute property to loved ones or charities. A trust can be valuable for people who want their estate kept private. Assets transferred through a trust might be exempt from probate and do not public information. A will is used to appoint a guardian for minor children in cases where both parents are deceased. Before writing any of these documents, it’s important to consult an attorney as well as the people who will receive the assets or guardianship of the minor children.

Powers of Attorney

Another aspect of Estate Planning Law Nassau County NY residents use to ensure their wishes are followed is a power of attorney. These documents are valuable if a person is incapacitated for a period of time. Without them, loved ones might not be able to access the injured person’s financial resources to pay for medical treatment or to maintain their housing. Healthy people can give others a power of attorney over their bank accounts as well as their health care. It’s important to choose a trusted loved one and to make sure they are aware of what the desired outcomes are.

The first step to having an effective estate plan is to choose an attorney that practices Estate Planning Law Nassau County NY. These attorneys, such as Business name, are well-known based on the quality of their work. People who take the time to plan their estate should be confident the documents prepared by their attorney are valid and can be enforced when the time comes.

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