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Equipment for Montana Farmers

Montana has a diverse and rich agricultural community. Many root vegetables are grown in Montana, and Montana is mostly known for for its wheat crops. For farms to produce bountiful crops, they need the right equipment. Farming equipment is a large part of a farmer’s investment in growing crops, and sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade to a better vehicle, but used farms tractors can be just as efficient as new versions.

New Technology

A few new tractors have new technology with can be helpful to farmers who have very large crops. This new technology can include computerization or even be driverless. Some farmers have found that the new technology can make work easier, but the new technology also needs maintenance. If a driverless tractor malfunctions, then it may be expensive to have someone service the vehicle. This is why some farmers are still buying used farm tractors in Montana. Used farm tractors are typically two or three generations behind new technology, and they may only require intermediate mechanic skills to be serviced.


Some farmers buy a new tractor because they can easily finance it, and some new tractors include a service warranty, meaning that the dealer will provide free service to the vehicle for a certain amount of time. However, some farmers are not willing to pay installments for a tractor and would rather buy a used tractor in a single transaction. The price difference between a new tractors and used farm tractors in Montana can be substantial.


There are some farmers that need to use their tractor more often than others. For farmers who used their tractor almost daily throughout the year, it might be best to invest in a new tractor. New tractors may have different maintenance requirements, but they are designed and built with dedication to longevity. If a farmer does not need to use a tractor so often, a used tractor is a better investment. A used tractor can do the same job as a new tractor without any complicated maintenance or monthly payments necessary.

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