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Epoxy Flooring – Great for Residential Spaces

Although the majority of Epoxy Flooring NY installations can be found in commercial spaces, there are many uses for epoxy floor coatings in your home as well. This type of floor coating is functional and fun. You can have a floor that is highly durable, yet adds design and texture to your décor.


If you are finishing your basement, the final touch is going to be the epoxy flooring. The durability and dirt resistance means that you will not have to think about your floors for a long time. If this space is the designated man cave, you will want to have a space that is low maintenance with little to no clean up, but still looks good.


A cement garage floor is going to show the dirt and oil which will eventually stain the space, making it look old and worn. Make your garage floor as clean and attractive as the rest of your house with an epoxy floor. If there is an oil leak or spill, it can easily be wiped clean. If you use your garage for a lot of storage, you’ll want the space to be as clean as possible, which is easily achieved with this choice of flooring material.

In the House

Think about which areas of your house receive a lot of foot traffic. Those are the places you should consider installing epoxy floors. The entryway, for instance, not only sees a lot of wear and tear, but is the first place your guests see when walking into your home. An epoxy floor can be customized to feature marbled, striped, or terrazzo designs, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The bathroom and kitchen see a lot of water and spills, so using a flooring system that is resistant to water damage and stains makes sense.

If you want further information about epoxy flooring, visit Hoffmanfloorcovering.com. They are a leader in the floor covering field and will help you design the perfect floor for your space.

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