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Entertain outdoors? Install a canopy cover

Outdoor living is wonderful, except when the weather turns and you are driven to shelter. Rain or even the intense heat from the sun can make outdoor dining and entertaining difficult. A great compromise is a patio canopy cover. Patio canopy covers can be freestanding roofed structures or retractable awnings that pull back to wall of the house. They are both extremely efficient in providing the shelter that you need, when you need it, and as time goes by, replacement canopy covers are readily available.

A slight drizzle should not be an excuse for not being outdoors, having to cancel a small dinner party or just a few guests over for drinks should not have to happen. Nor should getting out in the early morning to ride your exercise bike on the deck be a problem due to the heat of the morning sun. The installation of a patio or deck canopy cover allows for outdoor living as well as adequate shelter from rain and sun alike. Outdoor living can really be enhanced when one of these permanent structures are built and as they are permanent, getting replacement canopy covers once in a while will be a necessity, but that is a small price to pay for the added enjoyment you will get from your yard and garden.

Although patio and deck canopies can be made from rigid materials, including the roof, most people opt for a semi-permanent canopy where the roof is open latticework or pergola which in turn is covered with a semi-transparent UV resistant cover. The latticework allows for additional décor such as hanging baskets and hidden lighting.

The style that is often chosen is one which is complimentary to the house architecture. The canopy or retractable awning can either be free standing or attached to the house or garage wall. Free standing units designed for permanence are usually constructed of hardwood whereas free standing canopies are usually constructed of lightweight aluminum frames if they are to be periodically taken down and stored. Even if the portable canopy is left up over the winter, replacement canopy covers are readily available and reasonably priced.

A permanent structure adds considerable value to your home, this is usually not the case with a portable canopy, but either way, you will be given many more opportunities to use the outdoors. It’s not just outdoor dining and entertaining, the canopy will allow you to move your potted plants into and out of the sun; it will also allow your pets an opportunity to be outdoors regardless of the weather. Integrating nature with a patio canopy is easy; just allow trailing roses or ivy to wind around the supports for unsurpassed beauty.

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