Enter the Wonderful World of Grass Cloth Wallcovering and Much More

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Home And Garden

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Wall coverings can enliven virtually any room in your home. Whether you favor antiques or modern day aesthetics, wall coverings can add a decorative touch to your home environment. Why settle for plain, spartan walls when you can live in a domestic paradise, replete with colors and patterns of every variety? Continue reading to learn more about the beautiful varieties of wall coverings that you can select, including grass cloth wallcovering.

Types of Wallcoverings

Do you own a venue, hotel, office or retail outlet? If so, then you understand the critical place and importance of visual appeal. When your customers enter your establishment, you want to appeal to them somehow. With the proper decor, you can enthrall your customers and activate their visual senses. Contract wallcoverings are best suited for busy venues and high traffic environments.

Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper is a contact wallcovering in high demand. What is particularly captivating about this product is that it contains a woven substrate, which is laminated to form a solid, beautifully designed surface. Vinyl coated paper wall coverings are relatively similar, as they contain a reinforced, acrylic based, vinyl surface smoothed to perfection.

Finally, certain types of vinyl are laminated, thereby producing a solid, yet, wonderfully designed surface. These types of wall coverings can be scrubbed and peeled as well.

Categories of Contract Wallcoverings

Just as there are specialty products, such as grass cloth wallcovering, there are specific categories of wallpaper as well. The Type I category refers to wall coverings that are light, and best suited for commercial purposes. There are a number of federal guidelines that wallpaper must meet, however. This type of wallpaper is evaluated for tear resistance and other key factors.

Type II refers to wall coverings that are abrasion resistant, stain resistant and generally suited for the interior portions of buildings and venues. Finally, Type III wall coverings describe vinyl wallpaper designed for areas with heavy traffic, such as hotels and schools.

Specialty Wallcoverings

There is a host of specialty wallcoverings available on the market. For example, a grass cloth wallpaper is composed of plant-based fibers. Such fibers may derive from jute and sisal plants. Furthermore, they come in a variation of textures, and colors. While some grass cloth fibers are very polished, others are more abrasive and coarse in texture. However, the imperfections give this type of grass cloth wallcovering a more natural mystique.

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