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Enjoy a Durable, Beautiful Floor With Superior Wood Flooring Repair in Nyc

Hardwood floors are one of the most requested features by potential buyers. One reason for this is the way they enhance any interior, but the main reason that people prefer hardwoods is durability. Hardwood flooring can handle a lot of abuse, and when they get damaged or scratched, it is often a matter of sanding them smooth and applying a stain or sealant.

Refinishing a floor may be a task that most people can handle, but it is a lot of work for the uninitiated. First, the old finish must be removed and then the floor must be sanded smooth. However, this may not be possible in every location if the floor is thin from prior resurfacing or repairs. Luckily, an expert in Wood Flooring Repair in Nyc can locate these concerns by inspecting the condition of the boards. One easy indication is how consistent the surface of the floor is. Low areas could indicate a thin board or a poor repair.

Another area of concern with hardwood flooring is water damage. Water can cause a lot of problems when it saturates into wood products. First, the water makes the fibers of the wood swell, and this can result in uneven floors. However, the worst problem is the need for major Wood Flooring Repair in Nyc when the wood rots from prolonged exposure to moisture. Another concern is warping. Wet wood can twist, bow or warp while wet and if it isn’t secured properly it could retain those changes. This could result in major repairs if the source of the water is extensive.

Of course, these concerns should not prevent the purchase of hardwood floors because many of the required repairs are easy to make. In fact, most small issues can be dealt with by replacing the damaged pieces. This is one reason that hardwoods are so popular, but it does mean that the remaining wood must be thick enough to handle a heavy sanding so that the surface of the floor will be even.

One advantage to hiring an experienced floor installation and repair service is quality. The average contractor may be capable of placing a plain wood floor, but one with experience in design can create a surface with exquisite detail including the use of parquetry, borders and medallions. To learn more about these topics contact the experts at New York Wood Flooring.

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