Enhancing Interior Decor with Sashes, Clips, and Buckles in Texas Nov08


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Enhancing Interior Decor with Sashes, Clips, and Buckles in Texas

Buckles and sash clips are great add-ons when you use sashes in your interior decor. These accessories can serve purposes that are both decorative and functional. Please read below to learn how these can be beneficial at your next event.

Curtain Tiebacks

Sash clips & buckles can get used along with sashes as curtain tiebacks. This approach can bring a decorative touch to your occasions and serve the practical function of keeping the curtains open.

Chair Sashes

Sashes can bring an enhanced look to your seating arrangements and make your events more memorable. You can add sashes as accents to your chairs and use the sash clips & buckles to secure the sash in the back. You can even tie the sash in a knot or bow to add more drama to the look.

Floral Arrangements

You can add a splash of color and texture to your decor by adding sashes to your centerpieces and floral arrangements. You only need to wrap the sash around your floral foam, bouquet stems, or vases, and you use the clips to increase the appeal of your flowers.

Napkin Rings

Napkin rings can hold folded kerchiefs into a neat display and add a hint of elegance to a table setting. With the help of decorative sash clips & buckles, you can use thin sashes to make elegant napkin rings. These accompaniments keep the sash securely in place.

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