Emergency Fix-Its With Your Auto Service In Leesburg VA

Discuss with your auto service in Leesburg VA about roadside fix it solutions. You can either wait for the help to come to you or with some basic tips and an emergency kit you can take care of few issues yourself and avoid paying extraordinary towing charges.

Learn to use a tow strap with your auto service in Leesburg VA

Knowing the right way to use a tow strap correctly can help you if you have a car breakdown or if you need to pull your vehicle for a short distance. A tow strap is a strong strap made of nylon with hooks on each end.

Look for a solid mounting point like a metal ring in the rear of the car on or around the bumper mounting points. There could be steel hoops on your trailer hitch as well. Attach the hook of the tow strap to the steel hoop. Attach the other end to the car that needs to be pulled. There should be another hoop under the bumper. Do not attach the tow strap to anything else other then the mounting point as it can pull or destroy the bumper.

Now you can pull the vehicle very gently and smoothly and at very low speed. Also both vehicles need to be manned.

Learn to radiator hose repair with your auto service in Leesburg VA

If your car is pouring out smoke, wait for the car to cool down first and then open the hood to locate the source of the steam. If the rubber radiator hose is at fault, dry it completely and place a 2-3 inch of duct tape on the hole. Press it firmly and wrap very tightly another piece of tape around the hose about 2 inches above the other tape. Check your radiator fluid to make sure that you have some left to drive back. If not, try adding water for now.

This will enable you to drive the vehicle to your auto service in Leesburg VA for a proper checkup.

Learn to jump start your car with your auto service in Leesburg VA

If the car battery has died down due to various reasons, you will need to jump start using jumper cables. You will need jumper cables and a running car. Park the running car such that the jumper cable can reach the batteries in both cars. Turn the cars off. Locate the positive and negative sides of the battery. Attach both ends of the red cable to the positive side of both the batteries and the black cable to the negative side of the good battery and any metal part or head of the bolt on the dead battery.

Start the running car first and after a minute start the dead car and it should get started. Disconnect the jumper cables carefully.

No one wants to get stuck in a road-side emergency situation. With help from your auto service Leesburg VA, you might be able to pull yourself out of the sticky situation. For more information visit hoganandsonsinc.com. You can also check their BBB ratings for more information.

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