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Eliminating Scratches From Picture Frame Glass In Katy TX

Scratched picture frame glass in Katy TX may diminish the beauty of a family photograph and make it difficult to see specific details in a picture. The following steps will assist with repairing a damage surface and maintaining glass.


1. roll of plastic sheeting

2. scissors

3. painter’s tape

4. cerium oxide

5. buffing sponge

6. baking soda

7. water

8. small container

9. spoon

10. glass cleaner

11. lint-free cloths

Protecting A Frame And Applying Cerium Oxide

After removing a picture frame from a wall, strips of plastic sheeting should be secured to a frame with painter’s tape. A few drops of cerium oxide can be applied to a buffing sponge. A sponge should be moved firmly back and forth over scratched glass. Scratches will begin to fade after damaged surfaces have been wiped for several minutes. More cerium oxide may need to be applied to a sponge if scratches are deep.

Using A Homemade Mixture And Cleaning Glass

If an individual does not have any cerium oxide, they can prepare a homemade scratch removing product with baking soda and water. Equal amounts of each item should be added to a small container. A spoon can be used to stir the two components until they are blended. A homemade scratch remover can be added to a buffing sponge before rubbing scratched surfaces. Firm pressure should be applied to the back of a sponge as glass surfaces are treated.

After scratches have been eliminated from Picture Frame Glass in Katy TX, a small amount of glass cleaner needs to be applied to a lint-free cloth. A cloth should be used to wipe glass surfaces that have cerium oxide or a homemade scratch removal mixture on them. Once glass is clean, another cloth can be used to dry a glass surface. Glass can be maintained by avoiding the use of abrasive tools and products when cleaning is necessary.

If glass becomes severely damaged and an individual does not know how to repair it, they can contact us by visiting a glass company’s website. Glass installations and repairs are completed at homes and businesses and a specialist will assist with caring for glass.

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