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Doing Effective Oriental Rug Repair in New York City

When a homeowner has an Oriental rug present in their abode, caring for it in the right manner is extremely important, so it does not become prematurely damaged. There are several steps to take to help to protect this type of rug, so it looks its best for years to come. Here are some tasks to undertake to achieve this endeavor.

Place The Rug In The Right Spot

When positioning an Oriental rug in the home, it is best to avoid putting it in an area where direct sunlight will hit it. This will ensure it does not fall victim to uneven fading, which will mar its appearance. Many people hang these rugs, so they are not subjected to dirt from shoes. If it will be placed on the floor, put it in an area away from heavy foot traffic if possible.

Use The Right Cleaning Method

An Oriental rug requires that moisture is kept away from it so the ink’s coloring does not run. Because of this, cleaning the rug is best left to help from a vacuum cleaner attachment. A spray bottle of water is feasible if the moisture is spritzed in a mist form in small quantities. It is a better idea to have the rug professionally cleaned if it appears dirty.

Avoid Staining Substances

To keep an Oriental rug pristine, it is best to keep food and drinks away from it at all times. Designate a location in the home away from the rug for the enjoyment of consumable items. If someone does happen to drop something on an Oriental rug that will stain it, a call to a service that does Oriental Rug Repair in New York City is best. They will use methods in removing the substance without damaging the rug in the process.

If there is a need to bring a rug to a service that does Oriental Rug Repair in New York City, finding a reputable business is necessary. Contact us today to find out more about the many services we provide to our customers. Schedule an appointment for a repair job if needed.

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