Easy and Convenient Ways to Keep Brand White Kitchen Shaker Doors Clean

White doors are very appealing, but they stain easily. Here are three ways to keep white doors spotless in a kitchen.

Block Direct Sunlight

A kitchen needs natural sunlight because it enhances the atmosphere. However, direct sunlight can be a problem. On a hot day, direct sunlight can bake delicate materials like an oven.

To protect your cabinets, hang blinds or curtains in areas where sunlight touches your White Kitchen Shaker Doors. You can also install tinted glass windows to block the sunlight. If you leave the cabinets unprotected, they will turn yellow.

Activate the Exhaust Fan

Grease can ruin white cabinet doors too. Stray grease particles will often accumulate on white panels when food is fried on a stovetop. An exhaust fan can control grease accumulation. You should always turn it on before you start to cook.

Use Homemade Cleanser

If you don’t clean your white cabinets, they will become dingy and dull. White cabinets are delicate, so they will require a mild cleanser like a vinegar-based solution. A homemade cleaning agent will work well on all cabinet doors. You can make one by following these steps:

• Grab a large empty bowl.

• Fill the bowl with two cups of hot water.

• Pour a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the bowl.

To use the solution, soak the rag and remove any access liquid. Then, wipe down the cabinet doors.

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