Early Adapters and Digital Content Delivery

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Computer And Internet

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More and more companies find themselves reliant on some form of digital content delivery. One of the most important revolutions of technology has been the move from physical to digital. People have weird conceptions about digital content and digital content delivery. People tend to want to have a physical copy in case something goes wrong with the digital one, while it’s actually harder to lose a digital copy most often. However, the downside to digital content is the difficulty of digital content delivery. It’s one of the rare cases with internet technology where the early adapters have the biggest difficulty with it. The web-comic XKCD, in fact covered this issue, pointing out that for people sending large files to each other, putting it on a flash drive and driving it over is usually a better solution than most things offered to private individuals.

However, for someone who’s setting up a company and its infrastructure can develop better means of digital content delivery. One of the more popular solutions are cloud services, this is where software, files or whatever content the company hopes to disseminate or allow the transfer of is put onto a web connected server where computers can connect to it. Within a given office walking a flash drive down to your co-worker isn’t a problem, however, for bigger companies, where things are spread out quite a bit geographically and the coworker you’re trying to send digital content to could be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Cloud systems, or other more high-tech forms of digital content delivery make it possible for people to deliver hundreds of megabytes (or higher, but most limits on e-mail are around 10-20MB) without having to leave their cubical and instead just simply sending it through the internet.

Digital content delivery is important for the company itself too. If they want things to reach their employees, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for people. A lot of people don’t like using their computers for more complex procedures. Making things as easy as possible for them might be the only way to get them to do what you want. Digital content distribution is something that you need to streamline for people so that the more computer illiterate don’t have to do anything more complex than double click an icon on their desktop and get a cup of coffee while it installs itself. Having them have to worry about much more can be a real problem for some people. Ultimately, digital content distribution is a good use of funds especially when someone’s looking at infrastructure development.

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