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Dress your Patio with an Awning

An awning is a fixture that can be used to add shade to your garden, patio, windows or store front. Generally, an awning is a secondary covering that attaches to the wall above your patio, window or store front and is remotely controlled by a winder or button, to retract or open it. Ordinarily, awnings are made from canvas material that is sewn together, and can be striped or plain. Other types of awnings are made from cotton, polyester or vinyl and the appropriate type to choose may be dictated by the type of weather your region experiences. For instance, vinyl is generally waterproof and if your region experiences a vast amount of wet weather you may prefer a vinyl awning to act as an umbrella, rather than a sun shade.

In sunny parts of the country, many people put up decking on the patios or in their gardens. They can benefit greatly from retractable awningsbecause they can be closed up when not in use, and brought out when the sun comes out.

History of Awnings

In history, the first records of written documentation regarding the use of awnings was by the Syrian and Egyptian civilizations. There, the first types of awning were used as covers in market stalls and those kinds of awnings are still seen in many parts of the world today. It wasn’t until the first part of the nineteenth century that awnings began coming into fashion. Parisian cafes used red and white awnings as part of their sidewalk displays, helping to shade their outdoor customizer from both inclement and sunny weather.

Modern awnings are typically automated or manually operated, whereby the propulsion is achieved by either a motorized version or a manual crank handle. High end versions of some modern awnings also incorporate a wind sensor, whereby if the wind raises to a certain ‘mph’—miles per hour—the awning automatically retracts itself to protect the awning in high wind. People looking for retractable deck awnings Long Island.ve

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