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Drain Cleaning In Weatherford TX

When we turn on the sink or faucet, we expect the water to go down the drain as it is supposed to. When this doesn’t happen, it’s usually obvious that there is a clog someplace. Sometimes, it’s possible to clear the clog yourself, but many times it’s beneficial to call a plumbing company that offers Drain Cleaning Weatherford TX. It’s sometimes thought that you can clear out a clogged drain by pouring some drain cleaner down the pipe and waiting a bit. After a bit of time passes, magically the clog has vanished and the drain works well again. This usually isn’t the case and cleaning out the clog usually involves more than that.

When the drain is clogged, it’s important to determine what caused the clog. If it’s the shower or bathroom sink, it could be either soap scum or a mixture of hair and debris. If the clog is in the kitchen, it may be a grease based clog from allowing too much grease to go down the drain when cooking or washing dishes. Occasionally a plumber can pour an industrial drain cleaner down the drain and clear out the clog. If he determines this is the best choice, it’s imperative that the homeowner hasn’t poured a household cleaner down the drain previously. There are some industrial products that will react violently if they come in contact with other chemicals. For safety sake, it’s better not to pour anything down the drain yourself but to wait for the plumber to assess the situation.

If the drain cleaner doesn’t work or is not an option, then a plumber will have to put an auger or a snake down the drain to clear out the clog. This tactic will physically reach the clog in the pipe and either remove the offending object or push it through allowing the drain to work properly again. Again, it’s better to call a plumber that offers Drain Cleaning Weatherford TX for this, as most homeowners don’t have the tools to do this job.

Many times drain clogs can be avoided, if caution is used with what goes down the drain, especially when disposing of grease. If you have a clog, the best option is to call a plumbing company that offers Drain Cleaning Weatherford TX. They have the proper expertise and tools to clear the clog and have your drain working properly again.

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