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Does Your Claim Require the Help of an Accident Lawyer in Auburn, CA?

According to the latest statistics provided by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, one in four people will be involved in an accident at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, distracted driving is quickly rising as a cause of accidents. When drivers are distracted, they can cause accidents that leave behind severe injuries and costly damages. Many people seriously injured in a car accident end up needing to hire an Accident Lawyer in Auburn CA. A lawyer can help an accident victim to understand their rights and work towards pursuing a case for compensation so they can get the best outcome possible.

When an accident victim tries to continue on their own with a claim, they often find it difficult to work with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are notorious for offering lower settlements than deserved. They may use unscrupulous methods to delay or even deny a claim. Many victims find it much easier dealing with the insurance companies by having an Accident Lawyer in Auburn CA.

A lawyer will first advise a client on making a recorded statement for the insurance company. Since this statement can play a pivotal role in a claim, it is important an injured person is properly prepared. It is also crucial the lawyer reviews any paperwork the client is asked to sign to make sure there are no legal issues that could cause problems with the injured person’s case.

Should the insurance company deny the person’s claim, a lawyer takes on an even greater role in the case. Taking a claim to trial requires the help of a lawyer so the best outcome can be achieved. Those who try to represent themselves are rarely effective because they do not fully understand the laws and the tactics lawyers use in trials. Since hiring a lawyer does not cost any money unless a win is achieved, it is prudent accident victims protect their rights by getting legal help.

Those who have been seriously injured in accidents they did not cause should consult an accident lawyer right away. Contact the office of Lawyers Sevey Donahue and Talcott to find out which method of pursuing a case will lead to the best outcome.

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