Does Debt Consolidation in Victoria Hurt My Credit? Jun01


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Does Debt Consolidation in Victoria Hurt My Credit?

While many people recognize that having large amounts of debt hurts their credit, they worry about the effect of debt consolidation in Victoria as well. While bankruptcy has a significant effect on your credit score, the good news is that most debt relief in Victoria can help. Whether you get consolidation loans for bad credit or choose other debt-relief options, 4 Pillars can help you understand what impact it will have on your credit.

A Short-Term Hit

Any type of consolidation loan for bad credit in Victoria will indeed create a short-term dip in your credit score. The loan application used for debt consolidation will trigger a slight dip in your credit score, just like any other loan application. In addition, opening a new credit account will also have an impact. However, as you begin to make your debt consolidation payments, your credit score will recover and surpass your previous score.

The Impact of a Hard Inquiry

Whenever you apply for a loan, credit card, or mortgage, it’s considered a hard inquiry. These inquiries will reduce your credit score by a few points, but they will disappear in time, often around two years. When you apply for consolidation loans for bad credit in Victoria, you will notice a hard inquiry mark on your credit report. However, it’s worth the small reduction to experience the benefits of debt relief. Over time, your credit will improve with no mention of debt consolidation because it is treated the same as any other loan.

The Long-Term Strategy

If you continue to pay your debts as you normally would, the negative impact on your credit score will last for many years. However, with debt consolidation from 4 Pillars in Victoria, you will take a long-term strategy to improve your credit rating. Your payment history will move toward the positive spectrum and you will free up credit, both of which have a positive impact on your overall score.

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