Do You Need a DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA? Apr26


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Do You Need a DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA?

If you’ve been charged in a DUI case, your right to a proper defense is the same as in any other criminal proceeding. No matter your previous record, hiring a DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA is going to be expensive; your only decision is whether you can afford the additional expense of hiring a specialist.

Changes in DUI Law

There was once a time where hiring a DUI lawyer could help you get off on a lesser charge and a fine, but that was before every state in the US passed certain laws requiring the adjudication of drunk drivers. If your BAC is .08 or above, you are guilty; it doesn’t matter whether you appear intoxicated or not.

You Can Immediately Lose Your License

41 out of 50 states have recently passed administrative suspension laws allowing police to suspend your license immediately after a failed Breathalyzer or field sobriety test. In many states, refusal to submit to the breath test means immediate revocation.

Your Blood Alcohol Level

No matter what an attorney’s website may tell you, if your blood alcohol level is above .08, you will lose your driver’s license, pay heavy fines and higher insurance rates, and you will face a conviction. To determine whether the hiring of a DUI lawyer Philadelphia will help your case, you should know your BAC at the time of the offense.

Aggravating Circumstances

Other factors can determine whether you will get an ‘enhanced’ sentence: prior offenses, property damage and injury, and child endangerment are all considered to be aggravating circumstances. In these cases, a DUI lawyer can help to mitigate some factors, but in the majority of states an enhanced sentence is mandatory.

What an Attorney Can do for You

If you’re truly innocent but somehow failed the breath or field sobriety test, you should definitely hire an attorney, who can help you understand what’s expected of you and to complete some of your requirements before you appear in court.

Paying Fines and Getting Insurance

Your DUI attorney may encourage you to complete required treatment and education programs in order to get your driver’s license back. In most cases, your attorney will merely help you through the DUI process, but if you’re in dire financial straits, the hiring of a DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA may not have much of an impact on your case.

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