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Divide Your Space Easily with Acoustic Accordion Doors in Portland, OR

Whether you are trying to free up some floor space, reduce distracting noises or just divide a room, acoustic accordion doors may be just what you are looking for. These are great for both residential and commercial needs, and they are custom made to fit your location.

Residential folding closet doors provide easy and convenient access to your closet without the need to sacrifice space for the closet door to open. Folding room dividers also provide benefits to your home. With acoustic accordion doors, you can conveniently separate living areas. They can help you conserve energy when you are only heating or cooling a certain area. The folding room dividers can be used to separate sleeping and living areas, and they are great for dividing a basement.

Acoustic accordion doors are great in the commercial setting. If you are looking to easily divide areas of your office building, these folding doors are a convenient option. You can close the folding door when you need more privacy, and you can open it back up when you don’t need it.

When you need to divide space in a church, restaurant, assisted living community, and other commercial spaces, sliding room dividers offer an affordable solution. With interlocking jams, you can choose to use one or multiple doors at a time. These partitions offer sound reduction and space division without the need to completely remodel your building.

When you purchase your accordion door, you have options to choose from. They are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and there’s even a transparent option. Security doors are also available. You can also choose to have a mural added to your folding door or room divider for an added fee.

r more information about finding and ordering accordion doors for your home or business, visit Accordion Door Store at www.accordiondoorstore.com.

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