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Discussing New Laws with a Dog Bite Attorney in Waldorf, MD

In Maryland, the state laws about a dog attack have been modified to include portions of city ordinances. The city ordinances prohibit any dog from roaming neighborhoods without their owner. A dog bite injury attorney in Waldorf, MD can help inform people about the new laws and how they affect dog attack cases.

New Strict Liability Laws

The new laws don’t require negligence on the owner’s behalf. The updates state that, if the dog isn’t on a leash or kept in an outdoor enclosure, the owner is liable for any injuries that occur. All the victim has to prove is that the dog was at large, and the owner didn’t have control over the animal.

Rebuttable Presumption Ruling

The rebuttable presumption ruling indicates that the pet owner is at fault due to the dog’s aggressive temperament or dangerous propensity. In some cases, the dog breed is used to present a presumption that the dog is dangerous to the public, and more than likely attacked a human.

Vaccinations and Rabies

All dogs must be vaccinated for at least the rabies virus according to state laws. If the owner doesn’t vaccinate their dog, the county animal control officer charges a penalty for the failure, plus the dog enters a 12-day quarantine. The purpose of the quarantine is to determine if the dog had rabies if signs of the virus aren’t obvious.

What Can Victims Receive?

The victim could receive payment for all financial losses they incurred due to the dog attack. This includes medical costs, lost wages, and any ongoing care required. If the victim contracts rabies, the dog owner could face a wrongful death lawsuit if the victim dies. Otherwise, the owner is liable for the extensive medical costs and might have to pay some tort-based awards for pain and suffering.

In Maryland, strict liabilities no longer require a previous history of attacks. The new laws apply if any dog owner doesn’t maintain control over their dog and a human is attacked. The rebuttable presumption ruling indicates that the owner should’ve known there was a risk due to the dog’s temperament. Victims of the attacks are encouraged to contact a dog bite injury attorney in Waldorf, MD or visit our website for more details.

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