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Directional Drilling Safety Guide

Directional drilling is associated with several safety hazards. One way to protect workers who engage in drilling operations is to ensure they follow safety rules and guidelines. Some tips to help keep your crew safe include:

Invest in the proper tools

Make sure your team uses high-quality directional drilling tools. Get them from trusted suppliers. Check out performance reviews and consumer feedback. While a bad review or two isn’t enough of a reason to discount a product, watch out if there are too many complaints. If customers mention the same problems, that points to recurring issues. Avoid potential snags by removing those options from your list.

Ask your team for advice

Let your crew members help you pick out the best options. Which tools or brands have demonstrated superior performance on the job? Which options prove sturdy and long-lasting? Their input will tell you what they value in the equipment, what needs must be addressed, and which options will work for them.

Provide training

It’s also ideal that you offer your crew with training specific to their jobs. The modules should include the basics: how to take care of their tools, how to use them properly, and how to clean them. Some companies offer help in these areas, showing you the proper way to use their power tools. Take advantage of those offers.

Follow proper procedure

Emphasize the importance of following proper procedure on how to identify and manage potentially dangerous situations. They should be trained on how to recognize the signs. Being familiar with indications of wear and tear will also alert your crew if it’s time to replace your tools.

Ensure proper storage

If you want to get the best value out of those tools, put them in the right storage. Proper storage, along with excellent care and maintenance, will extend the lifespan of your power tools and also prevent accidents at work.

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