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Different Types of Dental Implants Annapolis Dentists Offer

    1. Dental implants are posts or metal frames placed surgically on the jawbone, just beneath the gums. They allow your orthodontist to mount replacement teeth quickly and easily and since the process involves some level of surgical intervention, it is vital to get it done by a Dental Implants Annapolis professional. In addition, you should expect to go through some length of healing period that allows the new implants to settle in naturally in your mouth.

Implants provide a means through which dentures and bridges can be mounted firmly in such a way that artificial teeth will not slip or shift in the mouth. There are four types of implants, namely:

  • Subperiosteal

  • Endosteal

  • Root form

  • Plate form

Subperiosteal Implants

These are recommended for patients who have worn out jawbones or do not have sufficient bone matter material of the jaw. Such a candidate patient therefore, cannot have titanium or alloy implants installed without grafting. As a substitute, subperiosteal implants are positioned comfortably on the jawbone using either dual or single surgery.

Endosteal Implants

A Dental Implants Annapolis specialist surgically implants these directly into a jawbone. Gum tissue has to be allowed to heal before the second surgery that involves the connection of a post to the original implant, can be done.

Root Form Implants

Recommended for patients who have a high bone density and the jawbone has the minimum required width and height. Height plays a key role in the type of root form implant that can be installed into the jaw and in some cases, grafting may be a necessity to ensure that the new tooth settles in comfortably.

Plate Form Implants

For individuals who have a narrow jawbone, the plate form implant is the best alternative. It is manufactured long, narrow and flat to fit snuggly into the mouth. The process involves the placing of implant directly on the jawbone with the next step taking place once the area has healed.

When shopping around for a Dental Implants Annapolis specialist, it is vital to get one that offers a wide range of services such as Teeth Whitening under one roof. Visit website for more information. This will minimize the need to have to move from one place to another and instead have all procedures necessary to ensure a healthy mouth carried out by one dentistry practice.

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