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Diagnostic Imaging With An MRI

Needing additional tests in medicine is a very common thing. Your doctors will often times want to get as much information as they can before they make any kind of diagnosis. For a lot of people, this can become frustrating, but additional testing is for your benefit. No one wants to get informed they have a serious medical condition only to find out sometime later they were misdiagnosed. An MRI high field in Riverhead, NY is one of the tools your doctor may call upon when he needs a better look inside your body. This type of scan is performed inside a special machine designed to use resonance and sound waves to create images of your bone structure, muscles, tendons and other areas.

What Exactly Is An MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a technique used by doctors to look for diseases or conditions within your musculoskeletal structure or within your head and spinal column. It is a painless test that uses a very powerful magnet to interact with the magnetic properties of the human body to create pictures for a radiologist to look at. Radiologists are trained to interpret these images, and will create reports for your primary doctor to read, so they can get a better understanding about what’s going on inside your body. These reports can be an important part of the diagnosing process for hundreds of conditions, and you would be remiss if your physician asked you to get one and opted not to.

What Is High Field?

There are two kinds of MRIs you can have. One is called a low field, and this usually involves a magnet that isn’t as powerful as a high field one. Typically, an open scanner would use a lower power than an enclosed machine, and while both of these options are useful in their own ways. The more powerful option gets more definitive results, and is usually the method of choice for most people undergoing this kind of testing. The good news about getting magnetic resonance imaging done is that there is absolutely no radiation involved.

The medical profession has come a long way, and the techniques used in making diagnoses have improved greatly over the years. Tests like this one and many others like it are an essential part of modern day health care. They can be performed quickly and with little to no preparation on the part of patients.

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