Developing A Meal Plan For Diabetics

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Food

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The primary concern when choosing the best meal plan for a diabetic is to pay particular attention to an excess of carbohydrates. It is not difficult to develop a plan where food can be chosen daily to personalize the diet. As diabetes also creates other complications, such as kidney problems, it is important that these issues be taken into account as well and the diet plan you develop goes along with the instructions that the patients doctor and dietitian have given. One of the keys to a healthy diet for diabetics is small meals taken more frequently and healthy snacks.

When you are looking for the healthy snacks that are to be included, do not forget to investigate diabetic bread recipes. When the diabetic eats a small amount every three to four hours, regardless if it’s considered a small meal or a snack, diabetic bread is a very healthy option which will not be the cause of drops or unhealthy spikes in the level of blood sugar. By consuming small amount of food frequently, the result is lower blood sugar and it avoids eating to many carbohydrates at the same time. To avoid carbs in the diabetics diet stay away from refined foods which contain heavy amounts of sugar and eat controlled portions of fruit.

Whole grain bread is far superior to white bread for the diabetic, just as fresh fruits rather than juices are. White bread gives the diabetic exactly what he should not have, empty carbohydrates and calories. Whole grain breads are far better as they have fiber rich nutrients, the best are diabetic bread recipes which can provide nourishment with minimal carbohydrates. Pay particular attention to the sugar content of ready to eat boxed cereals, as cereals are generally consumed with milk, which is high in lactose, cereal, if not chosen properly can be a food choice which is high in carbohydrates. The better solution is to find a cereal which is low in sugar content and eat it with low fat yogurt.

Pay particular attention to juices, even natural juice without any added sugar should be avoided or if taken, water it down considerably to greatly reduce the amount of sugar in each glass. When the diabetic diet contains carbohydrates, it should also contain a source of protein as well which reduces the speed at which the blood sugar levels rise. For more information, visit Healthy Joy Bakes today.


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