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Determining Whether You Need Window Repair in O’Fallon, MO or Replacement

Windows go a long way toward boosting a home’s energy efficiency. They help seal out the elements and reduce heat transfer while protecting furniture and flooring against fading due to the sun’s UV rays. Of course, all this is only true if the windows are designed for effectiveness and in top-notch shape. Those that are a bit worse for wear may need a certain amount of extra attention. Consider the following points to help decide if you need window repair in O’Fallon, MO or replacing those old windows would be the better option.


Panes are a major component, but windows are also made up of a number of other parts. Take a look at the bigger picture when deciding which course of action to take. Examine the seals and caulking as well as the frames around the panes and those around the windows themselves. If the caulking, seals or framework appear damaged but the panes themselves are intact, a few simple repairs may be all you need to improve efficiency and keep the windows working for you rather than against you.


Double pane windows have actually been on the market since the early 1900s, but they didn’t truly reach their peak until much later. Almost a century after their initial development, they became standard equipment for homes. If your home was built before 2006, its windows may not be as efficient as they could be. In the event single pane windows are still in place, replacement may be in order as opposed to Window repair in O’Fallon, MO. Otherwise, adding an extra layer of glazing could suffice.


Historical homes and those built using certain architectural styles and design techniques may fall under a stricter set of rules than traditional houses. This could mean extra care and consideration are required when making upgrades. In such cases, repairs and restoration might be the only options. If style is more of a concern than historical preservation, new windows can be designed to match the existing design without losing aesthetic appeal, so replacement may be the best solution.

Windows are integral components in homes and can improve both efficiency and appearance. With all the options available these days, the possibilities are essentially endless. Consider these aspects before deciding if you need simple repairs or outright replacement, and Browse the website for further information.

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