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Determining When You May Need Your Air Conditioning Serviced

When you realize that your air conditioning is becoming less efficient, your utility bills are getting higher and there are strange noises coming from your ducting, it may be time for air conditioning service in Dallas. There are many tell-tale signs that indicate your air conditioning has a problem, most of them will need an AC technician to repair but there are a few things that you can try yourself before calling the technician.

1. Your AC does not turn on at all: If the unit is a window machine, unplug it and try another appliance in the socket, if it does not work, check the fuse or circuit breaker panel. If the fuse is blown you have identified the problem, if not, an electrician is your best bet. If there is power to the socket and the AC unit is still not functioning, then it may be the thermostat, compressor, control board or an overload, these issues will need air conditioning service in Dallas.

2. The fan runs but there is no cooling air: Check to see that the thermostat is set properly. Check to see if the compressor motor is running. If the compressor is making a humming noise or causing the lights to dim and runs continuously, then it is a faulty compressor, condenser or evaporator and requires professional service.

3. A noise of water sloshing around inside: Window air conditioners not only cool a room, they remove the moisture. This moisture collects in a pan at the bottom of the unit, and the system attempts to evaporate it. The water that is collected drips down the evaporator coils which are in the front of the unit, the water then collects in the pan. The unit should be tipped slightly in the direction of outside. The fan blade that cools the condenser coils has a rim which lifts water that has collected in the pan, the fan blows it across the hot coils, and it evaporates. This is normal and does not require any service. Do not drill a hole in the pan to let the water escape.

4. The unit rattles when it shuts off: There is a powerful motor that runs the compressor in the air conditioner. When it starts, and even more so when it stops, the entire unit often shakes. The shaking cannot be eliminated; however, the mounting pads for the compressor may be worn out or even missing; replacement parts are usually available from a company that does air conditioning service Dallas area. The unit could be loose in the frame and this need to be checked and corrected if necessary.

5. The room air has a musty smell: Because air conditioners remove water from the air, there is water present. Normally, it will be evaporated but water may still sit stagnant in the pan for an extended period of time. The problem can be reduced by having the unit cleaned annually.

6. If there appears to be issues other than these few that you can check and correct yourself, then call for air conditioning service in Dallas.

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