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Determining when a brick chimney requires repair

Although chimney repair is rarely needed on a reasonably new home a lot depends on how well the chimney was built in the first place as well as how much maintenance it gets. The most common material for construction of a chimney is brick, brick chimneys are strong, they can withstand anything the weather throws at them and they can last for many years but even at that they do require periodic inspection, maintenance and possibly, repair.

A brick and mortar chimney is constantly being assaulted by the weather; wind, rain, heat and cold take their toll. Bricks and mortar are naturally porous materials. As a result moisture can easily infiltrate into them and in the event of a freeze; the moisture trapped in the brick will freeze and potentially cause the brick to break. Those professionals who do chimney repair in Columbus OH are the first to suggest that the first line of defense in avoiding this type of a problem is an effective chimney cap. A chimney cap is a device that fits on top of the chimney; the design is such that water cannot enter the chimney.

It is not only from the outside that a chimney is attacked, it also takes considerable abuse from the inside from the smoke, gas and creosote that is generated from a fire burning in the hearth. The flue gasses mix with moisture and create an acid which will cause the bricks and mortar to disintegrate over time. The best solution to combat this problem is to install a chimney liner.

Experts always advise that your chimney should be cleaned at least once a year, more if you tend to burn unseasoned wood or soft wood which is much higher in creosote. It is also a good idea to call for a thorough inspection of the chimney on a house you are thinking of purchasing. Those individuals that are trained in chimney repair can detect any evidence of cracking, chipped or broken bricks or loose or missing mortar that may be the cause of a chimney collapse. The sooner problems of this nature are found and repaired the better, like most things, the longer the problem goes without repair, the worse it will be and the more expensive it will become.

Mortar can be repaired by “tuckpointing”; this is a process that professionals who do chimney repair in Columbus OH use. The old mortar which is soft and broken is removed and replaced skillfully with new mortar without having to dismantle the chimney; the result is a strong chimney that is also more attractive.

Maintaining the chimney on your home is important as a faulty chimney can lead to fires, foul odors, smoky rooms and possibly structural problems. For chimney cleaning and chimney repair in Columbus OH you are invited to contact Business Name. Visit website for more information.

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