Determining if a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental is Right for You

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Articles

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When you need to move a significant number items, whether for work or for the home, but hiring a moving services isn’t in the cards, than renting a moving truck may be the best option. Depending on what is needing to be moved, the truck rental may need to be quite sizable or small. However, it is important to make sure the right size truck is rented. This will make the process of moving items a lot easier.

Helpful Information

For some, choosing the right size truck is fairly easy by just eyeballing the various options. Rental services also includes estimated square footage in terms of the truck’s capacity. If a person is moving from one home to another, these estimations can be helpful.

Expert Advice

That’s why it’s important to speak with a truck rental expert if a person is unsure as to what truck will best suit their needs. A person or businesses truck needs may be able to be met with a large 26 foot truck. However, in some cases, the only thing that may be needed is a cargo van. In most cases, a standard 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental will suffice.

Of all the moving trucks, the 14 foot option is perhaps the most standard. In addition, because of it’s size, it’s fairly easy for a person to drive, especially those folks with no experience behind the wheel of a larger truck.

Moving Accessory

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure all the accessories that will be needed are included. Some truck rental services offer a certain number of accessories standard and extra accessories can be added at minimal cost. Things such a hand truck, packing blankets and tie down straps need to be considered as this can secure items when they are being moved to help minimize or eliminate the risk of damage.

Whether your truck rental needs call for a large moving truck, a standard 14′ Ford Cube Truck rental, or maybe just a simple cargo van, an online resource like can come in quite handy. Not only will you find an unbeatable selection of rental trucks, you’ll find expert advice and competitive prices. You can follow them on Facebook.

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