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Details About Bail Bonding In Keller, TX

In Texas, bail bonds are more economically sound products that help criminal defendants get out of jail quickly. The bondsmen accept a smaller fee for the bonds, and criminal defendants don’t have to pay their full bail. The bail bonds come with conditions, and the agent completing Bail Bonding in Keller TX explains all details.

Finding the Criminal Defendant in the System

The bail bondsman needs certain details about the criminal defendant. The information helps the agent find the right defendant and avoid common mistakes. The defendant’s full name, booking number, and the jail name help the agent find the individual in the system.

Paying All Necessary Fees for the Bail Bond

The defendant’s representative pays all related fees for the jail bond, and the bail bondsman starts the bonding process. The payment consists of about 14% of the bail, and it is paid in cash or through other financial payment methods. Bondsmen accept credit card and check payments, too.

How Collateral is Used

Collateral is used when the representative or the defendant don’t have the financial means to pay for the bail bond. It includes but isn’t limited to real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and financial accounts. Some bondsmen accept stocks and bonds, savings accounts, CDs, and pension plans. The account must have the same value or higher than the bail amount. The bondsman needs proof of ownership to process the collateral.

Presenting the Documents to the Correctional Officers

The bondsman takes all documents to the county jail after a criminal court judge signs the papers. The correctional officers update the inmate’s status in the computer system, and the defendant starts out-processing. The officers explain all terms of the defendant’s release and discuss what could lead to a new arrest.

In Texas, bail bonds help defendants get Quick Jail Release and go home until their trial. Bonding agents help the defendants by managing all documents for the bail bond and delivering the papers to the county jail. The terms of the release outline conditions that lead to a new arrest. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about Bail Bonding in Keller TX contact an agent right now.

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