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Design Your Own Medical Emblems






One of the things that many people like to do is cover their car with emblems and window decals that represent things that are important to them. For example, people who work in the medical industry like to cover their cars in medical emblems. This is a great way to turn an ordinary car into a mobile masterpiece.

Technically speaking, even if you are employed in a medical capacity, you can’t cover your car in medical emblems. The only way that you can put the medical emblems on your car is if it is an emergency medical vehicle. Even though you legally can’t put the same medical emblems on your car that one would see on an ambulance, there are some things that you can do to help show the world how much you love working in the medical field.

Even though you can’t put the medical emblems that are currently being used for emergency medical vehicles on your car, there is nothing that states you can’t go out and put vintage emblems on instead. Each era has their own emblems and all of the different styles are going to look great on your car.

The biggest problem with the vintage medical emblems is finding them. If this is something that you are interested in you are going to have to know where to look. Sometimes you can find them in medical costuming magazines or catalogs that supply props to movie studios. Another good spot to look is online auction sites. While these medical emblems might be authentic, the older they are, the more expensive they are going to be. In addition to being expensive, the antique medical emblems can be difficult to handle and might not adhere to your car as well as you would like.

A more cost effective way of showing your love of you career and also having a great looking car is to go to online websites that specialize in custom auto emblems and car decals. While you might not be getting a decal that was once pasted onto the side of ambulance, you will be getting something that you are going to be proud to show off. Best of all, since the emblem will be customized, you’ll never have to worry about someone having the exact same one on their own car.

One of the things that you are going to want to really be careful of when it comes to designing the custom medical emblem is that it doesn’t copy the emblems currently being used on official medical vehicles. Exactly copying the design is really easy to do. When you are creating your custom label you can tweak the colors, add some words, or change the basic layout so that it looks original and you won’t have to worrying about breaking laws.

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