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The Dental Effects of Giving a Child a Baby Sippy Cup in Tulsa, OK

As children begin to grow out of drinking from bottles, most parents start looking into purchasing them a Baby Sippy Cup in Tulsa OK and think nothing of it. While these cups do offer a helpful transitional step from drinking out of a bottle to using a regular cup, it’s important for parents to recognize the risks associated with them, as prolonged use of sippy cups has been shown to cause dental health problems. Read on to learn more.

Sippy Cups and Cavities

Most parents know that putting their babies to bed with bottles in their mouths can contribute to the development of cavities, yet few realize that the prolonged use of a sippy cup can produce the same unwanted effects. When toddlers drink from their sippy cups, they immerse six of their top teeth in whatever liquid it contains. If that liquid is water, this may not be much of a problem, but if it is a sugary juice drink, this can lead to the formation of cavities.

How to Use Sippy Cups Appropriately

As noted above, sippy cups are designed for use as a transition from bottles to normal cups. They should only be used for as long as they are necessary, and should be reserved for mealtimes and snacks rather than used throughout the day. Parents of children who want to give them sugary drinks as a treat should encourage them to use straws rather than sippy cups, as this allows the liquid to miss the teeth entirely.

Choosing a Sippy Cup

The ADA provides a few guidelines to parents looking to transition their babies off of bottles with the use of a Baby Sippy Cup in Tulsa OK. They should avoid no-spill valves, which don’t advance the toddler’s ability to sip normally anyway and should instead choose a sippy cup with a spout. These promote good drinking habits and are less likely to wind up causing cavities.

Damage Control

While sippy cups do constitute a helpful transitional tool for toddlers learning how to drink from normal cups, it’s important that parents encourage responsible use and appropriate dental hygiene. Have questions? Contact Kid’s Dental to speak with a dental professional who can offer advice regarding the transition off of bottles.

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