In Your Defense: Criminal Lawyers in Phenix City, AL

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Lawyers

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There are several distinct categories in the legal world that have significance for the non-professional. For example, if there is a case involving domestic violence, drug crimes, violence against another person, or something similar, the individual would be represented by criminal lawyers. These legal professionals may also be called criminal defense lawyers, or they may work as public defenders.


A lawyer who focuses on this area of work may obtain certification from a national board or other organization that certifies individuals who work in this area of the law or as trial advocates. This distinguishes the attorneys in this sector from those who might work with civil law or family law in situations such as divorce, child custody, property questions, etc.

If you contact a legal professional such as the criminal lawyers in Phenix City, AL, you will be working with someone who investigates the background of the case and interviews witnesses, builds a defense, negotiates with prosecutors to obtain lesser charges, prepares and files motions relating to court proceedings, and so on.

Trial Advocate

Of course, most people are familiar with criminal lawyers who advocate for a defendant during a trial. This legal specialist represents the individual facing criminal charges at the state or federal level as well as in appellate court if an appeal is part of the process. If you need representation for a bail bond hearing, a plea bargain, a trial, or a parole hearing, you would be wise to obtain the services of a professional from Phenix Legal.

Criminal lawyers not only have a thorough knowledge of local, state, and federal laws but they must also have strong communication skills to be effective in a court setting. If you need help finding your way through a complex legal situation, you would be wise to get help from an experienced lawyer.

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