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Debunking Two Common Misconceptions About Heating Oil in Branford

If you are in the process of relocating to the Northeastern United States from another part of the country, you may have been surprised to discover that many homes have oil furnaces. Using heating oil in Branford for furnaces instead of natural gas or propane is relatively common.

You might have some misconceptions about heating oil if you are unfamiliar with the fuel. Perhaps you have been in a very old house with a centrally located oil stove, but that is different than whole-house warmth provided by a forced-air furnace using heating oil in Branford.

Safety Considerations

Some men and women worry that heating oil isn’t safe. They think of it as flammable and worry about having a tank of it on the property. In fact, this fuel is extremely safe when stored in a tank designed for this purpose. It is significantly less flammable than natural gas.


This oil heats up a home faster than other fuels do. You can turn the thermostat down several degrees when everyone will be gone for the day and your home will quickly warm back up when you return.

Price Fluctuations

You may worry that heating oil will be more expensive than other types of fuel since prices can spike in the winter. However, you can avoid this by contracting with an oil delivery service. If you can afford it, prepaying for the upcoming season locks in a price per gallon. Another option is a budget cap plan with a maximum price per gallon. Customers pay over 12 months instead of for each delivery. To learn about these options, visit the website of website Domain.

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