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Dealing with a backed up sewer

At times, a sanitary sewer can get clogged with foreign matter, hair, grease, etc and back up. A similar situation can happen when a very heavy downpour of rain floods the sanitary sewer system. When a sewer is backed up it requires immediate sewer repair in Chicago and until the repair has taken place, no further water should be used.

If the problem is a clog, then a plumber is best suited to attend to it, whereas backups that are caused by a heavy rain must be allowed to subside naturally over a period of time. Regardless of the cause, a sewer backup will normally result in contamination of surfaces as a result of the overflow of toxic water. This contaminate will contain bacteria and viruses and must be cleaned immediately. Cleaning a hard floor is not difficult, however, if the floor is carpeted a professional carpet cleaner should be called as soon as the problem is fixed.

Often, sewer repair in Chicago find that tree roots have found their way into the drain pipe, this obstruction then captures hair, grease, fecal material, etc. which then combine to form a solid clog. Although it is not recommended, periodically a disposable diaper or sanitary napkin can be flushed, they in turn can cause a sewer back up. There are many cases when sewer repair Chicago was being undertaken only to find that the drain pipe was completely crushed by heavy vehicles that drive over them.

Whenever a sewer backup occurs it must be attended too quickly. In many cases a plunger or liquid drain cleaners can be used by the homeowner to solve the problem if it is nothing more than a foreign object in the drain. If the clog is caused by tree roots, a professional plumber will need to use specialized equipment to clear the clog. Many plumbers are not positioned to send a video camera into the sewer to determine exactly where the clog is and what is causing it.

Once the source of the clog and the location are known, sewer repair in Chicago is then done when the plumber sends a rotary tool with cutting teeth into the drain. The cutting surfaces carve out the clog and grind it so that it can safely be flushed through to the sewer. If the pipes were crushed by traffic, they have to be dug up and replaced. This can often mean the use of backhoes and other mechanized equipment. If the backup was one caused by overflowing storm drains backing into the sanitary drain, the only solution is to wait until the storm passes and the water level naturally returns to normal.

Video inspection, water jetting and power rodding are just three of the ways sewer repair in Chicago is done. Accurate Plumbing & Heating Co. provide excellent service utilizing all licensed personnel. The sewer repairs done by Accurate are warranted for 10 years.

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