Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: Using Aluminum

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Metal Fabrication

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Sometimes, a standard form or component cannot deliver the required result. When a traditional or customary part is not suitable, a manufacturer may opt for customization. For metalworking shops interested in satisfying the needs of all their customers, custom sheet metal fabrication is an integral aspect of their production services. While steel and stainless steel are common metals for this process, aluminum is also prevalent.

Why Choose Aluminum Sheet Metal?

Aluminum has always been a popular choice among diverse industries. For residential, commercial and industrial use, the product garners praise for its qualities. Whether in standard or custom work, aluminum offers certain appealing characteristics. It is:

  • Lightweight
  • Tough
  • Malleable

This makes it ideal for certain applications.


Whenever a unique solution is necessary, rather than provide a standard option, companies request a customized version. Whether the demand is for a complex new part or the creation of a prototype, experienced fabricators offer this service.

When it comes to aluminum, custom sheet metal fabrication shops understand the need to complete the project to exacting specifications, meeting all the requirements of the manufacturer. They may also offer value-added services to ensure industries view them as a one-stop service provider.

Industrial concerns requesting such services are:

  • Aerospace – Aluminum comprises many components of military, regular and space aircraft
  • Automotive – Various vehicle parts use plate and sheet aluminum
  • Marine – Boat floors and other components utilize aluminum
  • Railway trains – Aluminum is practical for such items as fuselages

While standard products are available in the above areas, customization is increasingly essential for many industries. Fabrication companies can easily deliver customized designs that meet or even exceed the requirements.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Modern fabrication shops offer a variety of services. Some of them are value-added options. Diversification is the name of the current market game. In ensuring broader appeal, many shops currently offer custom sheet metal fabrication. They do so using a variety of metals, including aluminum.

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