A Custom Home Builder in Pittsburgh Constructs Houses That Are Ideal for Frequent Guests

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Custom Home Builder in Pittsburgh can help property owners create an unusual design that really stands out. Many luxury home building contractors will shy away from constructing any home that would be exceptionally outlandish or odd since they have a reputation they want to protect. Fortunately, that kind of house isn’t on the minds of most property owners. Nevertheless, they can still have a house built that is quite different from others in the area and will be impressive to guests and passersby.

People who have overnight or weekend guests frequently may put a premium on comfort for those friends and relatives. A luxury Home Builder in Pittsburgh can build a house that has separate wings so that residents and their guests can have plenty of privacy. One or two wings on the main structure can each include bedrooms and a full bath.

Another option is to have a house built with a loft that mainly is for overnight guests. This is an ideal design for people who love open spaces in the house. An example would be a floor plan with no barriers between the living room, kitchen and dining area, and the loft overlooking this main living space. Depending on the size of the loft, it might have anywhere from one to three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. A sitting area can be devised outside of those rooms. This is particularly appealing when it looks out not only over the main living area but toward large windows on the opposite side of the house.

People who have guests staying at home quite often will probably also want features that are ideal for entertaining. A contractor such as Londonbury Homes finds this relatively easy to accomplish with an open design, since everyone can converse even while the hosts are cooking meals and mixing drinks. A patio or deck is superb for extending the living space outdoors. An additional bathroom or two off the main living area should be included for convenience. It’s best to place these rooms in a hallway or another location where they don’t open directly into the main living area. Contact us and learn about our organization.

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