Crochet Baby Beanie: A Unique Shower or Birthday Gift Jun14


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Crochet Baby Beanie: A Unique Shower or Birthday Gift

If you’re shopping for a baby shower or first birthday for a beautiful little bundle of joy – there’s a good chance that you’re looking for a fun, unique gift that the parents will love and the baby can definitely use. While there are plenty of one sies out there and a million different story books to choose from at every store – why not opt for some stylish headgear? A crochet baby beanie is a timeless gift that’s great for both little girls and little boys.

A Useful Gift

While most adults seek out headgear for style reasons, it’s important to remember how practical a crochet baby beanie will be as well. Most crocheted items are made from soft, thick yarn that will both protect baby and keep him or her warm in cold weather conditions. Additionally, choosing an adorable design that also ups the “aww!” factor will make your gift even better!

Charitable Options

Did you know that there are companies you can buy a crochet baby hats or similar products from that will donate the proceeds to charity? It’s true! These organizations are non-profits and are dedicated to helping the people of underdeveloped countries get the education, work and mentoring they need to live better lives with more opportunity. By choosing to purchase handmade goods from these organizations, you’ll be able to give a gift that is much more than just a high quality, handmade item.

All the Rage

On top of the practicality of a baby beanie and the option to give back to others less privileged with your purchase, children’s hats are really quite trendy right now. Whether they feature a fun pattern, quirky animal eyes and ears, or a simple bright color – don’t forget about this adorable little item the next time you’re shopping for that special little one in your life!

Krochet Kids International’s selection of crochet hats for children allows you to take your purchase and turn it into a charitable donation. Visit their website at today to shop, learn more about their cause, and even view a list of women who are involved with the project in Peru and Uganda.

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