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Criminal Law Attorney Covington Career Information

criminal law attorney Covington can be a great career to get into if you’re willing to help the accused criminal clear their name and reputation. The field is ever expanding; however, extensive education is required especially when you’re seeking to take on big cases. Having some knowledge in criminal justice and even forensic science would help one advanced tremendously in their career. The reason being is that in most criminal cases, everything is based on physical evidence.


The salary for a criminal law attorney based in Covington is usually about $40,000 to $100,000 depending upon the experience and education that one has. If you’re just starting out, you can look at a salary of about $40,000. That will quickly increase with the number of cases that you take on and, of course, win. There are bonuses that one can receive along with their salary. Some firms may do profit-sharing especially if they tend to take on a lot of cases within a certain timeframe. The salary within Covington would be roughly within the $60,000 with some experience minus bonuses on average among other cities within the nation.


When it comes to the education aspect of becoming a criminal law attorney in Covington, one would have to go through four years of undergraduate studies in college. It would be best to take up Criminal Justice or something related to the field for you can get a sense of terms that you’d have to use or that may come up within cases. After your four years of college, you’d want to enroll in law school and complete three years of that. Afterwards, you’re required to take and pass the bar exam within the individual state.

After passing the exams, some people have looked into starting a firm together and create a business focusing solely on helping others within their trials. You can practice law by yourself or you can merge with someone who already has an established business. It’s always best to see if you can start with someone who already has a business for they can teach you what to do among certain cases.



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